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  We, Luxtem Co, are supplying and exporting for 40 Countries overseas with reliable friendship.

   Asia(14) : Taiwan,Japan,India,China,Thailand,HK,Singapore,Vietnam,Indonesia,Australia,Malaysia,UAE,Israel,Turkey

   Europe(15) : UK,Germany,France,Italy,Poland,Romania,Russia,Spain,Austria,Switzerland,Bulgaria,Ukraine,Czech,Lithuania

   America(10) : USA, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, CostaRica, Ecuador, Bolivia,Canada, Mexico  Africa (1) : Egypt 


   In Korean Domestic, we are supplying to LG Electronics, LG Display, and Samsung Vendor Customers


 We, Luxtem are based on Management


 3-Philosophy of Truth, Diligence, Stability-Internal


 Our Biz Items are as belows

- Key Components of Magnetron and Microwave

- Rare Metals, Thermal electric devices and parts

- Special order Fabricated Industrial Spare Parts

- PET Protection Film Tape for TV, Mobile parts

- Air-Filter, Water Filter, Reactor, WM parts

- Reactor, Compressor, BLDC Motor Components

- Tungsten, Molybdenum Targerts, Associated Parts

- OFC, Ni, Mo,W Alloy Materials and Products

- Nail Patch, Cosmetic consumer Products

- It is manufactured and sold directly or indirectly.

 Head Quarter : 3F/301, 312-1 Sinwol-Ro, Yangcheon-Gu, Seoul, 08082, Korea

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